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Commercial Design: Modern Restaurant Design Trends

With food delivery services more popular than ever, more restaurants are utilizing fresh design to add visual interest to their space and attract a new number of Instagram-happy guests. Today our team is sharing the top three commercial design trends people are hungry for when they visit a restaurant:


Hospitality Design: Trends With Staying Power

At Studio Design Group, we like to stay informed on the latest trends of hospitality design in San Luis Obispo. While hospitality design is consistently evolving, expect to find these 3 leading trends well into the future:


Commercial Design: Designing for Millennials

From Feng Shui to living plant walls, office design is evolving thanks to Millennials (those born between 1980-2000) hungry for more meaningful design. Functionality is no longer enough. Offices actually need to inspire. A number of recent studies confirm this outspoken generation values more than aesthetics; they’re committed to green design along with spaces that encourage health and wellness (hello, standing work stations).

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