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Commercial Design: How Office Design Can Reduce Stress

Here at Studio Design Group Architects, we design buildings with one thing in mind—people. Our architects carefully plan to ensure that the ergonomics and aesthetic of a space meet human needs, and enhance rather than harm human performance. Workplace culture throughout the U.S. often involves late nights, blinding fluorescent lights, and unhealthy sitting positions, all of which contribute to increasing stress and anxiety among workers. Our architects in San Luis Obispo are here today to break down the ways offices are contributing to stress, and solutions to alleviate it through design.


Commercial Design: How Social Media is Influencing Restaurant Design

When it comes to commercial restaurant design in 2019, over the top greenery and free WiFi no longer cut it for tech-savvy millennial customers. Read on for how social media is leading to big changes for architects.


Commercial Design: Modern Restaurant Design Trends

With food delivery services more popular than ever, more restaurants are utilizing fresh design to add visual interest to their space and attract a new number of Instagram-happy guests. Today our team is sharing the top three commercial design trends people are hungry for when they visit a restaurant:

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