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How Good Design Can Reduce Stress

It’s not quite business as usual, but despite nationwide concerns about health, society and economy, our architects in San Luis Obispo have found new ways to remain productive and meet deadlines from an assortment of homes, offices and creative workspaces. In doing so, we’ve observed first hand how our surroundings affect us.


Sustainability and Retrofitting: Where Past Meets Present to Protect the Future

Opportunities for planet-friendly, sustainable architecture abound when designing a brand new building. New materials, methods, and technology are helping increase efficiency and reduce waste. This helps minimize the effects of new construction on climate change. But that doesn’t mean older buildings can’t do their part. Improving existing structures can make them leaner and cleaner for years to come.


The Importance of Art in Architecture

Architecture is so much more than functional spaces. It’s a part of our culture and history and has the power to affect mood and action. Art is integral to architecture, and our architects in San Luis Obispo are here to help you see the importance of beauty in buildings.

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