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Improved Learning By Design: The Importance of Architecture in Building Schools

More and more data suggests that architecture can play a pivotal role in improving the quality of education. Applying architectural principles, effective learning environments can be collaborative, sustainable, flexible, and filled with daylight. Unfortunately, the majority of classrooms in the United States were designed as “cells and bells”, an aging model that doesn’t serve a wide variety of learning styles. Here at Studio Design Group Architects we’re happy to see more creative strategies emerging to meet the modern needs of both students and educators:


Clean Design

SDG is excited to be part of a new green endeavor to benefit our Central Coast community by reducing landfill waste and providing renewable energy.


Studio Design Group loves working with Meathead Movers—now more than ever!

Studio Design Group designed Meathead Movers modern two-story corporate headquarters and 90,460 square foot self-storage facility in San Luis Obispo. Over the years, our architects renovated Meathead Mover’s local facilities and added-on to their existing headquarters. In doing so we’ve built more than functional spaces to grow, we’ve built a trusted relationship.

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