September 21, 2021

Project Introduction: Cayucos Veterans Memorial Building Rehabilitation

The architectural heart of the Cayucos community has gone by many names over the years: The old Cass Warehouse at Cayucos Landing, Cayucos Veteran’s Memorial Building, and simply, Vets Hall. For over one hundred years, residents and visitors in Cayucos used the hall for meetings, weddings, classes, parties, and celebrations of all kinds. Sadly, in May of 2016, the county of San Luis Obispo was forced to close the now-named Cayucos Veteran’s Hall due to structural issues that made the building unsafe.

Studio Design Group has been tasked with the preservation and rehabilitation of this historic structure. It’s an honor as an architecture firm to be involved with the renovation of a building with historic and cultural significance, and SDG is working closely with the county of San Luis Obispo to insure that bringing it up to today’s standards will respect the extraordinary history of the building.

The design for the new hall will follow the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior’s standards for restoration of historic buildings. From foundation to roof, details will reflect the character and history of the original structure, while offering updated spaces including a new deck, an outdoor patio with BBQ, and an open, welcoming interior.

At Studio Design Group, we know how important it is to preserve the culture and history of our communities. We are proud to be a part of this exciting new phase of life for the Cayucos Vet’s Hall, and invite you to explore our other retrofit projects here.

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