Breaking Ground: Architecture by Women

Here at Studio Design Group, our architects are passionate advocates for the underrepresented in architecture. Undoubtedly, the male lense has overpowered the field throughout history. Our public consciousness has come to assume that the word “architect” assumes male. Jane Hall’s recent publication, Breaking Ground: Architecture by Women is dismantling this paradigm.


The Importance of Art in Architecture

Architecture is so much more than functional spaces. It’s a part of our culture and history and has the power to affect mood and action. Art is integral to architecture, and our architects in San Luis Obispo are here to help you see the importance of beauty in buildings.


Sensorio Fall News

Just as our architects predicted—Field of Light at Sensorio is officially a national success!From a feature in the New York Times, to articles in the Los Angeles and Business Times, the colorful spectacle is lighting up press across the country.

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