Beyond the Buffer: Flooring in Today’s Healthcare Environments

There was a time when hospitals and other healthcare environments were known for their very boring, very shiny waxed floors. Today, our San Luis Obispo healthcare design team embraces flooring as a feature that can contribute to wellness in a variety of ways. Let’s explore flooring’s many roles in healthcare settings.


5 Sustainability Terms You Should Know

It’s hard to have a conversation with an architect or builder without the topic of green or sustainable building or coming up. People around the world are interested in reducing their impact on the planet, using fewer resources and generating less waste when creating built environments.


How Good Design Can Reduce Stress

It’s not quite business as usual, but despite nationwide concerns about health, society and economy, our architects in San Luis Obispo have found new ways to remain productive and meet deadlines from an assortment of homes, offices and creative workspaces. In doing so, we’ve observed first hand how our surroundings affect us.

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