Project Update: Phase One of Oppenheimer Family Center for Emergency Medicine Complete

In January, we proudly announced the grand opening of Oppenheimer Family Center for Emergency Medicine at French Hospital Medical Center. We are very pleased that phase one of this San Luis Obispo healthcare design project is complete and currently serving our community. Phase two will bring interior remodeling of the existing emergency department.


Sustainability and Retrofitting: Where Past Meets Present to Protect the Future

Opportunities for planet-friendly, sustainable architecture abound when designing a brand new building. New materials, methods, and technology are helping increase efficiency and reduce waste. This helps minimize the effects of new construction on climate change. But that doesn’t mean older buildings can’t do their part. Improving existing structures can make them leaner and cleaner for years to come.


For the Love of California Modernism

February is a great time for love, especially for those of us who love mid-century modern design. At Studio Design Group, we’re more than a little excited by opportunities to share this passion. Although we could talk for days about mid-century modern design, this time we’ll let the links do most of the talking.

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