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April 20, 2020

​Hospitality Design Trends: Spring 2020

Armchair traveling is gaining popularity this spring as work and leisure travel are curtailed due to worldwide health concerns. A good daydream about future travel is always welcome though, and usually includes exploring places to stay. Our San Luis Obispo hospitality design team shares some of the hottest hospitality design trends you’ll spot.

Sustainability is Here to Stay

We’re happy to report that the emphasis on sustainability has become an expectation. It starts with beautiful, comprehensive design that conserves or even produces its own power, reduces water use, and improves indoor air quality. It translates down to smart environmental control systems, stylish earth-friendly fixtures and environmentally responsible materials in rooms and bathrooms.Guest comfort items are being provided in reusable, refillable dispensers instead of disposable single use containers.

Gathering is Redefined

As technology has become omnipresent, public use has become a social norm. Spaces that allow people to work or play “separately, but together” provide comfortable, connected areas where people can cowork, network, chillax or socialize. Quiet, seamless integration allows access to the power and data that are essential to many of today’s travelers. The absence of a cold, bold emphasis on technology lets others fully embrace being unplugged.

Industrial and High Tech Are Out

As nature continues its move indoors, high tech and industrial looks are finding their way out. Richness is defined by use of layered materials, varying in texture, that introduce natural elements indoors. Warm woods, stone, plants, and metals with soft patina replace glitz and glam for an elegance that remains comfortable and inviting. We anticipate a new emphasis on naturally antimicrobial and viral-inhibiting materials as the focus on global health sharpens.

Style is familiar, yet untraditional

Some classic materials and styles just work. Rich, warm materials and classic patterns help travelers feel at home. Layering them in unexpected ways creates interest. Mixing in found objects, both old and new, adds whimsy and flair. Look for fun and beautiful additions as you’re taking a visual tour of potential getaway spots.

Environments Function and Restore

Travelers count on spaces that allow them to function well and unwind as needed. Restorative environments allow for peaceful personal time. More guest suites encourage and accommodate self-care, whether in the form of indulgent pampering or soul-centering yoga and meditation.

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