Blog Posts in August 2019


Community Design: Architecture and How it Affects Learning

At Studio Design Group Architects, we deeply appreciate the benefits of good design, and have made it our life’s work to be the most innovative architecture company here in San Luis Obispo. However, the general public has not always understood the strong correlation between solid design and human well-being and performance. Multiple studies have occurred in recent years that validate our long-held beliefs. Today our architects are breaking down the ways architecture and design can positively and negatively affect learning in our students across the county.


Hospitality Design & Wellness

Wellness has turned into a global movement, and has found its way into every industry from food, beauty, and even hospitality. What started as a grassroots movement to reconnect to oneself and the earth is now a status symbol. More and more consumers are prioritizing their mental and physical wellbeing, and the hospitality industry has capitalized on this, even here on the Central Coast. From hot spring resorts to yoga and meditation retreats, the wellness subsector is showing consumers that continental breakfasts and a pool simply don’t cut it as luxury anymore. This is why architects in San Luis Obispo and elsewhere need to accommodate for the growing interests of wellness travelers in their hospitality design.

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