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January 15, 2018

Commercial Design: How Design Can Create a More Productive Environment

Studio Design Group Architects understands that mindful design has the power to improve productivity and inspire a more positive workplace culture. Our architecture and planning team is driven to deliver innovative designs to improve the quality of our clients’ everyday lives.

Seeking to elevate your workspace? Here are few ideas proven to make a difference, from our friends at Fast Company:

Create paths for chance meetings

“In the past, people used to have to sit at their desks if they needed to answer emails, but today, anyone can do that–or any other work–from anywhere. This means that, from a creative perspective, it’s no longer necessary to make sure people are at their desks at all time.”

Include nooks near common areas

“The best-case scenario when people run into each other is that brilliant conversations spark, resulting in innovative solutions. This is exactly why you should include nooks–areas where people can go and maintain some privacy–around these common areas and paths.”

Build conference rooms directly in common areas

“Instead of the boring walls that usually put people to sleep, glass walls in the middle of a busy area can help keep the mind awake. You can’t control all distractions, but you can get up and move.”

Encourage more healthy habits:

*Consider creating an agile office design plan where employees can work in various spots throughout the day.

*Invest in adjustable desks and conference tables so people aren’t sitting all day, which is proven to harm health.

Before you invest in elevating your environment, consider the following questions first:-What currently works about our space?

  • How do we want our space to look and feel?
  • What would improve the functionality of our space?
  • Is our environment consistently aligned with our brand?
  • How do we want team members and visitors alike to perceive our space?

Not ready for any permanent changes? Here are a few creative ways our architecture firm suggests improving your surroundings with minimal time and effort:

  • Personalize the walls with art and/or custom photography
  • Take advantage of natural lighting wherever possible
  • Make life easier by upgrading the internet speed
  • Add colorful touches like living plants and fresh flower arrangements

Thoughtful design updates can make a meaningful difference to you and those you collaborate with on a daily basis. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Studio Design Group Architects is prepared to elevate and enhance your workplace.

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