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May 20, 2019

Commercial Design: How Office Design Can Reduce Stress

Here at Studio Design Group Architects, we design buildings with one thing in mind—people. Our architects carefully plan to ensure that the ergonomics and aesthetic of a space meet human needs, and enhance rather than harm human performance. Workplace culture throughout the U.S. often involves late nights, blinding fluorescent lights, and unhealthy sitting positions, all of which contribute to increasing stress and anxiety among workers. Our architects in San Luis Obispo are here today to break down the ways offices are contributing to stress, and solutions to alleviate it through design.


Although it may sound obvious, sitting in a cubicle all day staring at a computer and sending emails is pretty isolating. Isolation can decrease moral, and contribute to anxiety and stress, both of which human interaction can alleviate. Although jumping to an open floor plan isn’t always an option or productive for certain types of work, it is important to increase human interaction in the workplace. This can be found by creating a lunchroom with special features that entice employees to spend time together, or even by adjusting offices so that there is a need to walk through common spaces before going to the restroom or out of the office.


Noise pollution can consciously and unconsciously aggravate stress. It sparks adrenaline, and overtime can keep this stress response activated continuously, causing mental and physical health problems. Although open floor plans are a current trend in office design, it is worthwhile to create quiet zones in offices for employees to work in peace, or even offer noise cancelling headphones.


Another issue with modern office is that they are impersonal, and boring. It is far easier to work in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and inspiring, than drab and grey. Investing in interior design does more than impress visiting clients, it can increase productivity. Allowing employees to decorate their space with plants, personal pictures, and mementos is a quick fix to this issue.


Much like working in an impersonal environment, it is far more difficult to work in a disorganized environment than it is a clean one. Although some people do just fine in a cluttered zone, for many it leads to feelings of stress and loss of emotional control. It is best to keep common spaces and meetings as organized and minimalistic as possible, and the effort to clean up space is well worth the investment.

Know that at Studio Design Group Architects, our architects are passionate about the human factor in architecture, and thrive on meeting the end needs of the user. We strive to create inspiring and useful environments for all of our clients, and spend countless hours researching the best modes to reaching these goals. Give us a call for your next commercial design project at (805) 541-3848.

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