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December 7, 2017

December 2017 Spotlight: Project Manager Gabrielle Signorella

When and how did you get your start at Studio Design Group Architects?

I joined Studio Design Group Architects in the spring of 2015. I moved from the Sand Francisco Bay Area where I had been working for 13 years on Commercial, Entertainment and Multi-family residential projects.

I was introduced to the local Architecture/Engineering/Construction community when I worked on the Vina Robles Amphitheater in Paso from 2013-2014 – I was lucky to make some wonderful contacts on that project.

Also, I am a Cal Poly grad so San Luis Obispo has always been a special place for me. Nevertheless after so many years in the Bay Area it was a big change and I’m happy to have found a home with such a wonderful team of supportive and fun people!

Tell us about your role on the team. What parts of the job are you most passionate about?

As a Project Manager I coordinate most aspects of the project from design through end of construction. Currently I’m working on mostly healthcare projects.

I’ve always loved the problem solving aspect of Architecture – assessing the problem and formulating a solution that meets the clients needs and improves the space. I also enjoy learning more about how the facilities we work in operate – especially for healthcare. I learn something new (usually many things) on every project.

The learning never ends in Architecture ( and that keeps it fresh and interesting for me. And while I certainly apply the things I have learned to future projects, I never have the same project twice, which makes it fun.

What fun facts would you like folks to know about you?

This year I celebrated my birthday by spending two weeks on a road trip in the UK. My boyfriend and I rented a car and drove from London up through the English countryside into Scotland and then back down to London.

We had such a wonderful time in all the cities but Edinburgh was by far our favorite. The city is so old and architecturally interesting and beautiful. The “old” part of the city was built up literally one layer on top of another and so the city is full of staircases and multi levels which provide such a unique view of the history of the city from a building standpoint. We can’t wait to go back and see more!

How do you like to give back to our community?

I’ve spent the last year assisting hospital and clinic pharmacies in the area upgrading and remodeling to comply with new regulations. It’s been an interesting education of the inner workings of a pharmacy and the integral role it plays in the proper functioning of the hospital. It’s been a gratifying experience to work with the pharmacists to not only make the changes that the regulations require, but also to create a better space for them to work in by improving work flow and efficiency through design.

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