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December 9, 2020

Design Trends to Look for in 2021

The events of 2020 have influenced interior design trends in some profound ways. We’ve quickly learned that our homes can – and should – have the ability to become more functional and comfortable. As more of us are staying inside these days, architects and designers are focusing on creating interiors that are more utilitarian and adaptable, while still being simple and comforting.

Our homes have had to become our offices, our schools, our gyms, and our entertainment venues virtually overnight. The trends we are seeing for 2021 have themes of simplicity, nature, and comfort. Interior design trends are pointing towards doing more with less, simplifying, and bringing the natural world inside. Here are some of our favorite trends for 2021:

Natural Materials in Their Purest Form.

Stone, unfinished wood, and other natural components can bring a warm, earthy feel to a space. Exposed wooden beams, raw concrete, and other organic materials are simple, yet intrinsically unique and interesting and they work beautifully with the plants and other natural trends we are seeing. Budget-friendly and low-maintenance, these materials will make a strong showing in the coming year.

Hidden Hardware.

In keeping with the simplicity theme, a seamless new look for cabinetry is hidden hardware. “Invisible” hardware can help any kitchen or bathroom look cleaner, simpler, and less cluttered Push latches, integrated handles, and hidden pulls all lend themselves to clean, modern design.

Earth-tone Palettes.

The right color combination can create a space that is cozy and relaxing, yet cheerful and inspiring. Warm tones found in nature are making a comeback, especially when paired with an unexpected pop of vintage color. Rich browns, greens, and neutrals are popular, as well as jewel tones, and some mid-century classics like blush and yellow.

Nod to Nature.

When most of us think of relaxing places, we think of somewhere in the outdoors. Visiting parks, beaches, forests, and the like can have a positive effect on our mental and physical wellbeing. Biophillic Design invites nature into your living space by incorporating natural fibers, plenty of daylight, and lots of plants. Wicker, rattan, stone, and other materials help create an interior that connects with the outdoors, while offering health benefits like better air quality and improved sleep.


A staircase that effortlessly climbs over a built-in bookcase or hides hidden storage. A study nook in a closet or on an underutilized counter. Integrating furniture and function means using areas in new ways without sacrificing space, comfort, or beautiful design. The more we do at home, the more we want our homes to be adaptable to our varied needs. Look for designs that integrate workspaces with living spaces, and beauty with practicality.

In 2021, look for design trends that focus on nature, simplicity, functionality, and comfort to transform our living spaces into all the things we need them to be.

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