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October 10, 2018

Healthcare Design: Why Wayfinding Matters

At Studio Design Group Architects, we believe thoughtful healthcare design has the power to help alleviate anxiety and successfully guide people where they need to go. Intelligent hospital wayfinding design is a significant element of our commitment to achieving truly patient-focused systems.

Navigating a hospital is often emotional, whether someone is looking for an injured family member or welcoming a new baby. People are often anxious, and seeking to get where they need to go as quickly as possible. One wrong turn can lead to getting lost, confused, and overwhelmed. This is where the power of signage comes into play.

As healthcare design experts, we understand that hospitals don’t need to be intimidating places; that they in fact can be a safe space where patients and their loved ones find comfort. A comprehensive wayfinding approach is essential to putting people more at ease.

Healthcare design that successfully incorporates symbolism and brand colors across visual cues makes for more easily identifiable landmarks. When implemented well, this comprehensive approach is not only effective for wayfinding, but also for solidifying an on-brand point of view. Signage that’s easy to recognize and follow makes a difference from floor to floor. Clear visual cues are a practical resource for those finding their way, simply follow the signs.

Anticipation of anxiety is a smart starting point when determining how to design effective wayfinding. Typically, simple is best in look, feel, and language. Is it eye-catching? Is it understandable? These basic questions must be answered affirmatively to get people where they need to go.

Here at Studio Design Group Architects in San Luis Obispo, our healthcare projects are built for health and designed for healing. Our team thrives on balancing the technical rigors of health care building code with the functional needs of caregivers, patients and families eager to find a corner of respite—a space where healing happens. Contact us to learn more about our healthcare design work at (805) 541-3848.

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