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April 8, 2019

Healthcare Design Project Update: Emergency Department Expansion at Marian Regional Medical Center

Today we are excited to update you on the impressive progress being made on the Emergency Department Expansion at Marian Regional Medical Center. Phase 1 went live this past February, and our team is working hard to continually keep the project running smoothly and efficiently.

Project Manager Corey Templeton shares that Phase 2 of the emergency department remodel for the front half of the facility will begin in the next few weeks. Since Marian Regional is an active hospital, the remodel will be broken down into sub-phases. It is a delicate feat remodeling portions of a healthcare facility with minimal impact to patients and staff—a testament to the impressive teamwork of our architects, the contractor and the owner working together to complete this project seamlessly. Phase 2 will include modern amenities like a contemporary waiting room and reception, new triage rooms, and a revamped pediatrics nurse station.

An emergency department manager excitedly wrote: “42 beds! Imagine that in 2012 we moved from a 18 bed emergency department with a 9 bed ‘box’ to a 32 bed fully monitored emergency department. Then 7 short years later here we are in a 42 bed emergency department with plans to grow even more”.

At Studio Design Group Architects, we are proud to be the leaders in modern healthcare design here on the Central Coast. To learn more about our work scope our portfolio, and reach out to one of our design experts today.

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