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November 16, 2018

Hospitality Design: Looking Ahead – Expect to see this hotel design trend everywhere in 2019

When it comes to San Luis Obispo hospitality design, Studio Design Group Architects understands how guests want to feel when they’re away from home.

In the year ahead, prepare to see more personalized guest experiences in hotels across the Central Coast ( and the world. Here at Studio Design Group Architects in San Luis Obispo, we expect this trend to be the most meaningful of 2019.

Beyond offering luxurious personalized amenities like specific types of toiletries and lighting dimmers you can control from your phone, more hotels will greet guests with personalized text messages and even more custom room preferences. This boutique approach is especially attractive to Millennials, who crave captivating experiences wherever they roam.

Inspired by popular Airbnb lodgings, more hotels will begin to include elements of home in their design as well, starting with in-demand kitchenettes. Bright green plants, slimmer furniture, and more natural light will add to the look and feel of home for many guests.

When it comes to technology, Wi-Fi connectivity is no longer enough. Guests desire new kinds of comfort – from being able to broadcast personal content (Netflix and Amazon Prime among many other platforms) directly into their rooms to finding more innovative opportunities to charge personal electronics.

In 2019, more travelers will book lodgings online and make one-touch mobile payments on the go. Not only that, room keys will continue to be replaced by mobile keys and text messaging will increasingly take the place of phone calls.

Beyond guest rooms, multi-functional spaces will become an essential design element to meet a wide variety of purposes. These flexible spaces are especially valuable as guests increasingly blend work and play into their lives on the go. From soft roll-up walls to power outlets being built-in across the floors, you’ll start to see creative ways for guests to collaborate in 2019.

By not only making life more convenient for guests, but personalizing their experience as well, hotels can expect to consistently reach occupancy goals while elevating their online reputation.

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