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October 3, 2018

Hospitality Design: Trends With Staying Power

While hospitality design is consistently evolving, expect to find these 3 leading trends well into the future:

1. Minimalism

By embracing the minimalist trend in hospitality design, many hotels are seeing a significant increase in earnings. To entice Millennial guests away from independent vacation rentals and into hotels, the look and feel of modern guest amenities is starting to shift in new ways. Today, many guests prefer smaller, streamlined hotel rooms while valuing more shared communal space such as lobbies, restaurants, and coffee shops. Bulky furniture is out, and sleek is in. Multi-purpose furniture in particular is increasingly popular. For example, a desk can also serve a bedside table while a simple wall rack for hanging clothes is starting to replace closets. The minimalist trend not only elevates the look and feel of hospitality projects, but offers cost savings as well. Reducing guest room square footage 30-50% may add many more rooms to the hotel, which in turn makes more revenue.

2. Next Level Connection

Phones, laptops, tablets…you name it, being plugged-in for work and play is increasingly important to a great number of guests. For many, constant connection to personal electronics isn’t a preference; it’s absolutely essential. Hotels that provide ample opportunity for guests to plug-in are much more likely to earn repeat business. Guest room designs with built-in WiFi that facilitate easy access to more outlets throughout the space are more in-demand than ever. Successful hotels are earning high ratings for their availability of dedicated ports, which allow guests to connect their own personal devices to flat-screen TVs sans wires. This allows guests to conveniently enjoy their own content. Families traveling with kids are especially excited about this popular hospitality design trend.

3. Bringing the Outside In

Over the past few years, you’ve likely noticed living plant walls, running water features, and natural elements like stone or wood in hotels across San Luis Obispo and beyond. These natural elements are not only calming and enjoyable for guests, but also provide a proven return on investment. According to a leading environmental consultancy group, hotel lobbies that incorporated nature (also known as “biophilic” design) earned 36% more compared to conventional hotels.

Here at Studio Design Group Architects in San Luis Obispo, we believe the most inviting hospitality designs blend appealing ambiance with functional flow. Curious to learn more about hospitality design trends? Explore our inviting portfolio of hospitality projects, or contact our team directly at (805) 541-3848.

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