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September 10, 2019

Principles of Sustainable Architecture

At Studio Design Group, our aim is to not only meet end user needs in the present, but also create sustainable spaces that will last into the future. Our team of architects in San Luis Obispo are exploring new approaches and innovative techniques with the hope of shaping a better future through design. Although the definition of sustainable architecture is constantly shifting, our architects have brought together four baseline principles to consider when crafting eco-friendly community spaces.

Optimize energy use

Energy efficiency is key to creating green buildings. Take advantage of renewable energy, such as solar, to power your building sustainably and affordably. Solid insulation and efficient HVAC systems, lighting and appliances are ideal when feasible. A goal in sustainable community design is to operate net zero energy buildings to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Conserve resources

Architects should seek to create spaces that use water and other resources as efficiently as possible, such as reusing and recycling water on-site. Furthermore, sustainable community design should manage waste throughout construction and incorporate durable and long-lasting materials. Using these green methods will cut costs and help avoid the need for future renovation.

Go for eco-friendly materials

Avoid designing buildings that involve international materials and products. Not only is a high carbon footprint created during importation, builders have less control and assurance over how these materials are harvested. By investing in local materials, you’re reducing your footprint and you’re supporting businesses close to home. Opt for resources that promote good indoor air quality and are made of recycled materials.

Use land responsibly

When designing sustainable spaces, architects should focus on working with the land rather than against it. This means incorporating more open areas and utilizing less land for construction. Design your site to fit into the surrounding environment and work with natural features. Take advantage of greenery for shade, and inclines for stormwater runoff.

At Studio Design Group Architects, sustainable community design is incredibly important to our team. Curious about our past green endeavors? Reach out to our San Luis Obispo Architects online or at (805) 541-3848.

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