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July 26, 2019

Project Spotlight: French Hospital Private Tour

Time for another update on a key healthcare design project here in San Luis Obispo. Last week project architect Ellen Goodwin joined president and CEO of French Hospital Alan Iftiniuk along with Peter Oppenheimer at a special tour of the developing facility. There were roughly 40 people in attendance, including the hospital’s foundation members and media.

The theme of the project is “Beyond Health” which is based on the French Hospital’s mission to “go beyond what you expect from a community hospital and create a world-class center of well-being that’s prepared for the future”.

Ellen Goodwin had the opportunity to speak alongside Peter Oppenheimer on special features of the state-of-the-art emergency wing. You can check out The SLO Tribune’s coverage here for their interview.

This major expansion project adds 8,600 square feet to the hospital to house the most advanced emergency services center in San Luis Obispo County. The new facility is designed for a high volume of emergency patients with a strong commitment to comfort, efficiency, and privacy.

Cheers to our very own Ellen Goodwin for her innovation and dedication to this groundbreaking project. To learn more about our world class healthcare design projects, check our portfolio or reach out to one of our architects today at (805) 541-3848.

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