Avila Beach Community Center - SLO County Community Design

Avila Beach Community Center

Originally constructed in 1962, the Avila Beach Community Center also houses the U.S. Post Office and Avila Beach Community Services District. The building lacked disabled access to the main conference room, and its age was becoming more noticeable as the community around it was redeveloped.

In addition to providing a new elevator and accessible restrooms, Studio Design Group designed a complete exterior renovation. The roof was extended to form a new covered porch that defines the main entry, and a gable roof and clerestory windows cap the new elevator tower to help distinguish the public building from the surrounding residential structures.

A second phase was designed at the same time to allow for future expansion and ensure design continuity.

Project Details
  • Remodel and Exterior Renovation
  • Meeting hall, warming kitchen, accessibility compliance
  • 2 stories