Matthew Will Memorial Medical Center - Arroyo Grande Healthcare Design

The Matthew Will Memorial Medical Center

Constructed by the Will family in honor of their late son, the Matthew Will Memorial Center is an outpatient branch of the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

The 3-story building provides space for several medical offices along with a state-of-the-art infusion clinic, which makes up the top floor of the center. Surrounded by a continuous band of glass windows, the clinic offers stunning views of the Arroyo Grande Valley and the ocean beyond. As infusion patients receive relatively long treatments, the natural light and landscape aid in the healing process. The infusion clinic also includes a compounding pharmacy equipped with clean room technology to manufacture custom pharmaceuticals for patients in the center.

The original site had a considerable slope that presented difficulties for parking and ADA access. Our architects rose to the challenge, adding terracing to the landscape along the street to create a level building pad that met all accessibility requirements. Given the proximity of the facility to a residential neighborhood, our architects also incorporated special features to maintain privacy, noise, and light control in the bustling medical center.

Innovative healthcare design and thoughtful features make The Matthew Will Memorial Center a healing and inspiring space for patients, and medical staff alike.

Project Details
  • New construction
  • State-of-the-art infusion center
  • Completed in 2018
  • 45,012 sq.ft.