Oppenheimer Center for Emergency Medicine

A significant expansion to the French Hospital Medical Center campus, Studio Design Group Architects' pioneering plans for the Oppenheimer Center for Emergency Medicine are designed to serve Central Coast physicians, nurses, patients, and their families. Originally built 45-years ago, the existing unit was meant to serve only 10 patients a day and today it serves 80.

The hospital expansion plan will increase the size of the emergency department from 4,000 square feet to 12,600 square feet. Innovative upgrades include 18 private treatment rooms and double the number of beds, along with a spacious waiting area and centralized nursing station. The project is expected to decrease patient wait times and speed up services for both walk-in and ambulance patients.

Principal Architect Brian Starr describes the expansion’s glass, straw-colored stucco and stone exterior as a “contemporary complement” to the hospital’s more traditional “pueblo” architecture.

Modernizing the existing emergency department will improve the quality of healthcare services in the local community and Studio Design Group Architects is proud to be the healthcare design team making that possible. Groundbreaking will begin in spring of 2018. The first phase of hospital construction is expected to be complete in 2019.

Phase 1 Project Details:

• 18 private treatment rooms
• State-of-the-art nursing station
• Spacious waiting area
• 12,600 sq. ft.

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