Stollmeyer Family Birthing Center - San Luis Obispo Healthcare Design
September 17, 2016


As a Mom and an architect, I am grateful to work on the OB department expansion at French Hospital Medical Center, not only from a professional perspective, but a personal one as well. Their team of medical professionals saved my son’s life—and in doing so, saved me.

In 2007, I chose French for my son’s birth because they are known for their natural approach and their rooms felt warm and welcoming. Two weeks past the due date, and still very pregnant, I was admitted to the hospital to bring my reluctant stowaway into the world. After many hours, my baby’s health appeared distressed and a C-section became our only option. Lo and behold, my little traveler not only had the cord around his neck, but more deadly, the cord was in a knot. Thanks to the fast acting nurses and doctors, we now have a happy, healthy son.

Today at Studio Design Group Architects, I’m privileged to work on the modernization of Dignity Health’s French Hospital Medical Center—where Moms like me welcome their children into the world. This remodel will transform the existing OB department into the Stollmeyer Family Birthing Center, complete with 9 private birthing suites and a C-section operating room snuggled in the corner of the unit to provide continuous care for Moms and babies alike.

I’m happy to be helping more parents experience the care I did at French Hospital.

—Ellen Goodwin

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