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November 7, 2018

Commercial Design: Modern Restaurant Design Trends

With food delivery services more popular than ever, more restaurants are utilizing fresh design to add visual interest to their space and attract a new number of Instagram-happy guests. Here at Studio Design Group Architects, our San Luis Obispo architecture firm has spent over 30 years designing buildings with one thing in mind – people. Today our team is sharing the top three commercial design trends people are hungry for when they visit a restaurant:

1. Visual interest for Instagrammability is a must.

Increasingly, diners are looking for bold creative touches to capture and share on camera. From bright graphic murals to patterned floor tiles, colorful neon signage, and bespoke architectural lighting – the bar is quite literally being raised across the restaurant industry when it comes to innovative design.

2. Go wild for multipurpose greenery.

A love for greening has grown far beyond ambiance. Natural elements are more highly-functional than before, with living plant walls serving as more than the perfect spot for a photo, but a place to grow seasonal herbs and more. Ornamental plants are not only good for the air, but are proven to provide a calming effect.

3. Mid-century modern isn’t going anywhere.

The warm mid-century modern vibe is officially here to stay from color palettes to statement furniture, and most of all…wood paneling. This is a distinct move away from the Anthropologie energy of busy wallpaper and elaborate accessories. Today people are attracted to the value of true craftsmanship in their surroundings.

Whether you’re interested in San Luis Obispo restaurant design, or looking to start a new venture, here at Studio Design Group Architects we love creating compelling commercial spaces for our clients to share their story. Our full continuum of can-do includes everything from improving historic buildings to envisioning technology parks and retail spaces for the next generation. Relying on ingenuity, experience, and creative problem solving, we’re able to deliver superior results for our clients, and a better experience for the end user. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you and your business.

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