Studio Design Group Architects - San Luis Obispo Commercial Design
July 19, 2016

Studio Design Group loves working with Meathead Movers—now more than ever!

Studio Design Group designed Meathead Movers modern two-story corporate headquarters and 90,460 square foot self-storage facility in San Luis Obispo. Over the years, our architects renovated Meathead Mover’s local facilities and added-on to their existing headquarters. In doing so we’ve built more than functional spaces to grow, we’ve built a trusted relationship.

Today, founding brothers Aaron and Evan Steed are nationally recognized for offering free moving services to victims of domestic violence. Since 2001, Meathead Movers has partnered with seven women’s shelters across California, including the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County. Now the company is taking their commitment to the next level by creating a nonprofit to encourage business owners to aid domestic violence victims—#MoveToEndDV. The goal to is develop a volunteer ambassador program connecting women’s shelters with local businesses that can meet their specific needs.

Now that’s what we call a truly moving company. Learn how you can help here.

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