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February 1, 2017

February 2017 Spotlight: Aron Kahn

You could say Aron Kahn keeps Studio Design Group on the right track.

This locomotive enthusiast was born in the South of France and lived in Paris for five years before moving to the United States by way of the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2. Much of his childhood was spent traveling between Europe and the U.S. Today Aron’s a Project Architect who adds creativity and engineering expertise to our design team.

Aron first fell in love with trains and railroading when playing with a toy train set around the family Christmas tree. His enthusiasm and curiosity quickly evolved into a personal passion. According to Aron, ‘Model railroading taught me most of the skills I have today for model building, space planning, curves and radii, grades and slopes, electricity, electrical wiring, grade and slopes, architecture, basic design concepts and principles. It offered me all those science and engineering head starts’ as a kid. Once in college, Aron mined his childhood explorations of countless colorful countries for inspiration, adventures that ‘allowed him to experience many of the great architectural spaces that we only learned about on paper at Cal Poly.’

Upon graduation, Aron started looking for a community service outlet or charity group he could feel good about donating time and resources to and naturally discovered the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum. After serving as a member, he joined the Board of Directors for several years before becoming an architect for the local museum’s restoration. Today Aron thinks of model railroading and all his real-life railroading activities as ‘an analog (and emotional) escape and stress-reliever from the digital architecture work I do on the computer all day.’

More to know about Aron, he grew up in Lake Tahoe and is all about skiing. He also spent years dedicated to local triathlons in San Luis Obispo and beyond. Now Aron still appreciates being outdoors as an avid skier and cyclist.

All of us at Studio Design Group are grateful to have him on the team!

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