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January 4, 2021

The 2021 Home Improvement Boom

If you’ve been struggling with creating the spaces in your house for our “new normal” over the last year, you are not alone. Across the country, homeowners are realizing that the homes they used to spend their nights and weekends in have recently had to do much more heavy lifting.

Families who must now work, learn, create, exercise, relax, and live in their homes are looking to upgrade them to become more adaptable to today’s needs. From a simple closet-to-office modification to a complete addition or remodel, Americans are investing in home improvement at staggering rates, and contractors and architects in San Luis Obispo are taking notice.

Online organizations like Houzz and Porch that pair homeowners with contractors and design professionals are making news by seeing an “all-time high” in requests over the past year. Read more from CNBC and NPR.

Studio Design Group has found that while DIY and simple landscaping projects are still the most common, homeowners are getting serious about ideas and resources to invest in their homes. Whether is converting an unfinished attic to an office space or “schoolroom,” building that addition they’ve always talked about, or putting in a backyard pool or spa to improve their outdoor living space, people are getting creative with how they upgrade their homes.

Encouraged by low interest rates on loans, availability of funds usually spent on entertainment and travel, and a growing need for more efficient spaces, homeowners are re-thinking and re-prioritizing how they want to spend their resources. Outdoor dining and spa areas are making a big showing, as people are realizing that the improvements they make in their homes today not only make their daily life easier for our “new normal” but will likely add equity to their homes in the long term.

SDG recognizes that our homes have become far more than just our living spaces, and people are discovering that when they partner with designers and architects, they can find the time and money to solve problems without sacrificing style. Let us help you see how you can improve your indoor and outdoor living spaces and make the most of your time at home.

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