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Sensorio Fall News

Just as our architects predicted—Field of Light at Sensorio is officially a national success!From a feature in the New York Times, to articles in the Los Angeles and Business Times, the colorful spectacle is lighting up press across the country.


Universal Design Principles

Created by a group of architects, engineers, product designers and researchers, the Principles of Universal Design provide a blueprint for a wide range of design disciplines including products, architecture, and communications. Our architects in San Luis Obispo are proud to embrace these seven principles in our community design projects.


Community Design: Architecture and How it Affects Learning

At Studio Design Group Architects, we deeply appreciate the benefits of good design, and have made it our life’s work to be the most innovative architecture company here in San Luis Obispo. However, the general public has not always understood the strong correlation between solid design and human well-being and performance. Multiple studies have occurred in recent years that validate our long-held beliefs. Today our architects are breaking down the ways architecture and design can positively and negatively affect learning in our students across the county.

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