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May 14, 2018

Commercial Design: Designing for Millennials

From Feng Shui to living plant walls, office design is evolving thanks to Millennials (those born between 1980-2000) hungry for more meaningful design. Functionality is no longer enough. Offices actually need to inspire. A number of recent studies confirm this outspoken generation values more than aesthetics; they’re committed to green design along with spaces that encourage health and wellness (hello, standing work stations).

Estimated to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, Millennials just might be the most stressed-out generation ever so a happier and healthier workplace is more important than ever. This generation thrives in functional workspaces that promote a positive, fun-loving culture without compromising productivity. While gym memberships and free snacks may immediately come to mind, appealing to Millennials actually begins with design.

Now for the natural elements. Sustainable building materials are more popular than ever from bamboo flooring to reclaimed wood. LED light bulbs are an energy-conscious choice and far more flattering than old school fluorescent styles. They’re even more desirable when you consider monthly energy savings. Indoor plants are also popping up in more workspaces. Plants aren’t only beautiful, they have the power to boost morale and clean the air! These living wonders may also improve productivity, which just about everyone can agree is a good thing.

Our San Luis Obispo architects have found that while some Millennials are ditching the traditional office environment to work from home, a substantial percentage prefers co-working spaces. These shared spaces are often accessible for a monthly fee and offer the best of both worlds. People who choose to operate from a co-working space generally report feeling their work is more meaningful as well.

Ultimately, doing better business begins with a better building. Our local architects create compelling commercial spaces for our clients (Millennial and otherwise!) to share their story. With over thirty years in both new construction and tenant improvement projects, our full continuum of can-do includes everything from improving historic buildings to envisioning technology parks and retail spaces for the next generation. Get in touch with Studio Design Group Architects today.

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