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September 6, 2017

Hiring an Architect for Tenant Improvements

At Studio Design Group Architects we respect that every business is different and approach each project with a tailored plan to best fit the needs of the client. Whether it’s redesigning the layout of your business or updating the space with a new look and feel, we have over thirty years of experience in new construction and tenant improvements.

There are serious cost-saving benefits to hiring a professional architect for your tenant improvements. Here are three of the most meaningful:

1. Get the project done correctly, the first time.

When you hire an architect, you don’t have to worry about design flaws. That’s because architects are licensed professionals with the specific expertise to shape buildings without causing the major damage a contractor may make unintentionally (think false ceilings or wiring). Beyond advanced degrees, certifications, and trainings – our architects have decades of practical knowledge.

2. Avoid expensive fines.

Architects see the bigger picture, and that includes knowing what local codes and zoning codes pertain to your particular project. You can avoid costly fines by hiring an architect to manage your tenant improvements.

3. Make your life easier.

Your time is valuable. When you hire an architect to manage your commercial tenant improvements, we can coordinate with engineers and interior designers as needed. Plus, we’ll lead you through the complex process of obtaining the building permits required, saving you the headache and weeks of your time. Tenant improvements can be intricate, save time and resources by hiring San Luis Obispo based architects who will ensure the entire process is resolved smoothly and efficiently.

If you need to make commercial tenant improvements in San Luis Obispo or beyond, connect with the experienced professionals at Studio Design Group Architects. Our team is more than happy to help. Contact us by email or call (805) 541-3848.

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