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August 2, 2017

Rising Hospitality Design Trends

More than ever before, hotels are evolving to become travel destinations themselves. Providing exceptional guest experiences drives this movement, and a host of fresh San Luis Obispo hospitality design trends are emerging as a result.

The New Lobbies

Hotel lobbies are starting to look and feel much more like home. Thoughtful hotel architecture is turning these all too often cold or generic entry points into warm and relaxing places. Plush chairs and couches are replacing waiting lines at registration desks while sleek tablets are taking the place of boxy monitors at concierge centers. Lobbies that serve as a living room are more likely to offer guests the amenities they crave from hot coffee to award-winning wines, drawing guests from their rooms and into more dynamic social spaces. Effective hotel architecture doesn’t choose between form and function, instead it offers an enticing blend of both.

Smart Tech

New technology is constantly affecting hospitality design. Beyond tablet check-ins that eliminate the need for bulky reception areas (offering designers room for creativity) advanced technology is changing the way guests get what they want. In-room sensors can now detect body heat so housekeeping staff knows not to enter. Personalized tablets offer guests a simple way to order room service and adjust the temperature. Texting is replacing phone calls and more rooms are featuring Netflix. Even Wi-Fi is evolving. Hotels have begun to move toward Li-Fi (internet connection via lights).

Health and Wellness

Attractive hospitality designs balance appealing ambiance with functional flow. With an increasing number of health conscious travelers, spas, gyms, and in-room exercise equipment are in demand. The health and wellness trend is only growing in popularity, meaning more and more hotels are rethinking their interior and exterior designs to incorporate clean spaces to recharge.

Green Design

Hotels are collaborating with architects to take energy conservation to the next level. Beyond incorporating solar panels, recycled building material and natural light into designs, hotels are choosing to curate locally handcrafted furniture for a more organic look and feel. More progressive hotels are choosing to ask guests to reuse towels and take timed showers as part of their sustainability efforts too.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Innovative design is blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces. From multilevel terraces, walled gardens and lush vegetation to natural furnishings and panoramic views, designs that bring the outdoors in offer peaceful and inviting spaces for guests to unwind. The CaliPaso Inn is a recent example of this trend in our own work, with rooms that open up to spacious outdoor balconies or terraces.

Studio Design Group Architects understands that hospitality projects have the power to engage visitors with appealing designs that capture the unique character of every client. Designing spectacular spaces where visitors feel welcome is what we do. To learn more about our San Luis Obispo-based architecture design services, please explore our Hospitality Design portfolio or call (805) 541-3848.

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