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November 14, 2019

The Importance of Art in Architecture

Here at Studio Design Group, our architects in San Luis Obispo believe that the designs we create do more than just serve our clients’ needs—they’re a meaningful contribution to our community. Architecture is so much more than functional spaces. It’s a part of our culture and history and has the power to affect mood and action. Art is integral to architecture, and our architects in San Luis Obispo are here to help you see the importance of beauty in buildings.

Louis Sullivan, an American architect, famously coined the phrase “Form follows function,” meaning that purpose should be prioritized over the look of a space. While function is certainly imperative, we believe that aesthetics have the power to create meaning. From materials and colors that pay homage to a city or region to local plant life and landmarks, touches like these create a connection between the structure and the community it serves.

The functional elements of a space are ripe with artistic opportunity. Windows, lighting, finishings, and trim are simple areas where a creative tweak can make something beautiful. While architecture isn’t quite as fluid as other mediums like painting, it should still incite emotions, encourage comfort and inspire action.

Aside from the sculptural features of a building, facilities like hospitals often incorporate additive art. Murals, hanging canvases, and interactive elements are all ways art can be integrated into highly functional and specialized places. Artists crafting for spaces like these consider the experience of the occupants. In hospitals and waiting rooms, occupants may be under a lot of stress, looking for distractions, or taking care of kids. Art has the power to promote peace, entertain, and meaningfully fill a space.

Examples of art in our health care design work include entryway sculpture at and the calming integration of artworks and creative way-finding signage at Also find lush artistic touches design to sooth in French Hospital Healing Gardens or entertain at Vista Rosa and Vista Rosita Assisted Living & Memory Care Community.

Our architects carefully craft these artistic touches into all our health care design. From the continuous band of glass windows in the new infusion clinic at The Matthew Will Memorial Medical Center, to the soothing colors and textures at the Stollmeyer Family Birthing Center, to the natural beauty of the French Hospital Healing Gardens and the bright, open community spaces at the Vista Rosa and Vista Rosita Assisted Living & Memory Care CommunityStudio Design Group Architects strive to create spaces with meaning and purpose.

At Studio Design Group, our architects in San Luis Obispo rely on ingenuity, experience, and creative problem solving to deliver superior results for our clients. To learn more about our vision and to see our portfolio, reach out to us online or simply call (805) 541-3848.

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