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July 7, 2017

Why We Believe in the Design-Build Method

Why does Studio Design Group Architects love the design-build method?

Our San Luis Obispo architects prefer taking complete accountability for the integrity of an endeavor. When one company is responsible for design and construction, the project is naturally elevated by more effective collaboration, consistency, and quality control. Studio Design Group Architects specializes in seeing every design through from concept and timeline to how the finished result ultimately looks, feels, and functions. Additional benefits include:

Cost Savings

Design-build typically saves clients time and resources. In fact, the average cost savings is approximately 10% of the overall project costs. That’s because there is often more attention given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase. The cost of everything is taken into account early on in the process – from fees and construction costs to utilities and landscaping allowances.

Clear Communication

Open and consistent communications keeps good work on track. When one team serves as leader of a project, communication can flow seamlessly.


Busy clients benefit from the simplicity of collaborative design. The design-build method reduces bid time and all parts of the process move forward faster because one team is involved from start to finish. While challenges are inevitable in any project, when everyone is on the same team it’s much easier to move forward with active solutions.

Practical Adaptability

The design-build method is highly adaptive and responsive in the field. Clients have the opportunity to rethink big decisions during construction without added costs. While a significant part of design and construction involves managing multiple complex timelines, with design-build clients are more easily able to ask questions and consider new options.

Moresco Plaza is an ideal example of how successful our design-build projects can be. A Tuscan style commercial space, Moresco Plaza includes five commercial office buildings on a 1.5-acre site in the heart of Atascadero. Studio Design Group Architects and local builderMidland Pacific Building Corporation not only remodeled the space but led new construction too.

Whether you’re looking for the premier San Luis Obispo architects to bring a healthcarehospitalitycommercial, or community project to life – Studio Design Group Architects is prepared to transform your vision into reality.

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