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July 19, 2017

Merging Commercial Design and Marketing

At Studio Design Group Architects our team understands that the right commercial design can elevate and enforce your brand. Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, or office, there are essential guidelines to keep in mind when considering the veracity of your commercial space.

First impressions are indelible. Walking through the doors of a commercial space for the first time, visitors can glean quite a bit about the business and people inside. Effective commercial design is not only functional, but effortlessly expresses an authentic personality.

Consider the look and feel of an Apple retail store. Both the exterior and interior speak to a specific brand image that’s consistent across all retail locations with a focus on clean style, technology, and innovation. Clean white color, brushed metal, and pops of accessible warm wood invites consumers to feel comfortable exploring a variety of products, and ultimately leads to more sales.

As you think about your own opportunity to share your brand with commercial design, what would you want your space to say about you? How do you want to be perceived by employees, guests, or customers?

For example, if you want to attract a high-end clientele, you may be losing business if the look and feel of your office is outdated. It’s important to keep your target market in mind before you make any design decisions.

When it comes to tackling complex commercial design challenges, Studio Design Group Architects has the experience to translate the integrity of your brand into an appealing, functional commercial space.

Kevin Main Jewelry is a popular example of our San Luis Obispo commercial design expertise. Studio Design Group Architects redesigned and retrofitted the historic commercial space in downtown San Luis Obispo to create a stunning new jewelry studio and luxurious retail space where visitors want to spend their time. The project emanates a sophisticated look and feel that truly reflects the Kevin Main Jewelry brand.

The storefront was reconstructed to be consistent with the building’s history and includes traditional clerestory windows as well as upgraded entrances that meet ADA access requirements. Many years of tenant alterations were removed as the building was stripped to the basic structural elements. The building’s extensive seismic retrofit required special planning and attention, in order to leave adjacent buildings with common walls undisturbed. The original front brick parapet, which suffered water damage, was removed and reconstructed. Architectural finishes were restored where possible and recreated elsewhere to provide an attractive showroom for the owner’s jewelry business. Today Kevin Main Jewelry has been voted “Best Jewelry Store” in the New Times Best of SLO County Readers poll for 12 years and running.

As you move forward with your commercial design project, remember to ask yourself the following four questions:

1. What kind of customer do I want to attract?

2. Is the entrance welcoming?

3. Does the space accurately reflect my brand?

4. Do I utilize consistent colors from our logo and website throughout the space?

Find inspiration in our portfolio of Commercial Design Projects:

When thinking about what you need from your next commercial space, keep in mind the image of the brand as a whole and how marketing will play a role as well. Your space is an extension of your identity and will only benefit from reflecting that.

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